Saturday, March 20, 2010

Double-Crusted Caramel Apple Pie Pops (sms)

Today’s recipe is a yummy one! Apple pie is such a comforting dessert. For many, it brings back memories of when mom used to bake for the family.

Susan of Baking with Susan is hosting today’s recipe. Please stop by Susan’s wonderful blog to see the recipe.

This recipe originates from the book The Sweet Melissa Baking Book listed on page 156-157.

There is a choice of two types of dough recipes to use: I used the Flaky Pie Dough.
Flaky Pie Dough - Page 137
All-Butter Pie Dough - Page 140

I thought I’d try something a little different. I came across a blog which showed how to make Pie Pops.

Luxirare shows her idea of making Pie Pops. It’s a great read.

Bakerella also shows how to make Pie Pops and it's really great too! Check it out!

So, I’m off to the kitchen to were some of my variations:

-Lollipop shapes instead of a pie.
-Diced and cooked the apples till tender which was used as filling.

Note: When making the caramel, it is important not to overcook it. My caramel did not burn, but the cook time should have been less. The cooking process continued even after I took it off the stove. I think it would have been useful if the recipe indicated a temperature limit for the caramel.

What’s Going On?

Do you post your food photography on any of these websites?


It’s fun to see when your own photos make it to the website. Right?
The only hiccup I see with these sites is that it takes some time for photos to get on the site at times. Oh well, such is life.

What’s one of YOUR favorite baking tools?
I love my wisk…especially the mini wisk.
How about you?

Check out the other Sweet Melissa Sunday Bakers blogs to see their version of the Double-Crusted Caramel Apple Pie.

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Nina said...

I love the pie pops! I would have loved that as a little present! Looks amazing.

I post my stuff on, but I havent in a while, but I'm going to start again.

As for my favorite baking tool, I would have to go with my silicon spatula. It's amazing!

Flourchild said...

Oh my gosh..I l-o-v-e your apple pie pops! They are the best!
My favorite kitchen gadget would be my Fav. Spatula!

Candy Girl said...

Love the pie pops! Too cute!

I have too many favorite kitchen/baking tools. I too, love my whisk(s). I also love the marble stone my husband had cut for me for my birthday for rolling out doughs.

Susan said...

Oh my goodness! I love!!! your pie pops! Too cute!

Thanks for baking along with me. I love your variation. :)

I just recently had a photo accepted on foodgawker (my chocolate raspberry tart) and I have one waiting to be accepted for tastespotting. I will check out foodphotoblog.

Favorite kitchen gadget? Probably my different sized scoops. I use them for cookies, muffins, ice cream. :)

Julie said...

I love the apple pie pops. How cute are those!

Tessa said...

Love the pops. Very creative and adorable.

My favorite kitchen gadget is now my new plane micrograter. It's so much easier to grate citrus zest now!

Tracey said...

Cute, cute, cute pie pops!! I've seen those a few times but still haven't made them. I love that they're bite size :) Great job!

I do submit to tastespotting and foodgawker and it's always fun to have photos accepted by them!

Favorite tool - probably my microplane but it's hard to pick just one.

Baking is my Zen...sweet nibbles for the soul said...

Thank you all for stopping by...


Hanaâ said...

What a neat idea!!
My fav kitchen gadget has to be my microplane grater!

k.a.r.e.n said...

OH MY OH MY!!! I love the idea of a pop! That's amazing!

I post on foodgawker.

My favorite kitchen gadget: my kitchenaid stand mixer!

sweetlife said...

how cute are those pie..great for spring!! I love my whisk...yes those sites do take alot of time to post..the waiting..oh my


Erica said...

These look beautiful and delicious!I love all my kitchen gadgets :)

Andrea at Nummy Kitchen said...

Carmen, you are a genius! I love the pie pops, what a creative take on the SMS selection this week. They look so cute and delicious :)

margot said...

Pie pops?! What a great take on this week's SM recipe! I can't wait to try them.

I have never submitted photos to any food sites. Good idea, though.

Oh, how can I choose one kitchen gadget? I got a scale for xmas and really have been enjoying it.

Leslie said...

Too cute. Really too cute. I bet they were delicious!

My favorite baking tool would have to be my scoops.

Mara... said...

I love your pie pops! They are soo cool, I will have to try this. I think my favorite kitchen tool is my kitchenaid mixer. My favorite spatulas just snapped in half (both of them) and i'm on the hunt for some new ones!

Suwandi said...

another great work from you. really tempted to try one! love the pictures too of course. *the* kitchen gadget for me is my Zwilling S Cook knife. The house is somewhat quieter when I hold this knife ;)

Jaime said...

wow how cool that you made pops!! i am making the carrot cake for Easter too :) i hope you like it!




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